the lonely shepherd (of_bad_faith) wrote in political_snark,
the lonely shepherd

Joining Political_Snark

Post a comment here if you would like to be a member of political_snark. You can read our userinfo if you'd like to know the rules before joining.

political_snark was created for discussion of current events in the world. All entries will be viewable by non-members, but to post one, you have to be a member. This journal is here for intelligent discussion, so if you're only here to troll, you won't be added. If you are super-religious, the contents of political_snark may offend you. If you'd still like to join, try to separate religion and politics. As combined as they may be in your mind, it is certainly possible, for example, to be against homosexual marriages and still say the government doesn't have the right to ban them from a particular country.

Now, if you'd like and are willing to follow all community rules, join. If not, maybe another time when you are ready.
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