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Created for us by aliel. Thanks, darling!

political_snark is a community created by of_bad_faith and co-maintained by blackphoenix to discuss current events in politics. This is a closed community, however anyone who comments here and expresses a desire to communicate with others about politics, rather than troll, will be added as soon as possible.

Community Rules

1. No unprecendented insults to other community members. This only holds true for other community members. You may, of course, insult political leaders as much as you like as long as you can show us why you dislike them so much.

2. Follow posting procedures.

3. No spam, please. This community is for discussion, not promotion of other communities.

4. Try to make your posts as educated as possible. Links to outside articles are always good things to include. We won't get mad if you can't include links, but it would be helpful so others can see what you're upset about.

5. Community maintainters reserve the right to throw you out of the community if you (a) continuously insult other community members, (b) disobey the rules three times or more, (c) troll the community, or (d) because you use way too much netspeak.

6. No netspeak. I think this rule is pretty understandable. The occasional plebe-netspeak imitation is fine. For example, this makes the Vatican look like 'Teh Stoopid of Teh Week' is okay. However, omg lyke did u here the newz about teh vatican? theire lyke soooo annoyinq omg!!1!, is not allowed.

7. More rules can, and may, be added to this community as it grows in numbers.

Posting Procedures

Name of Article Up For Discussion. A link would be nice here as well. This is only if discussing a specific article. If you're discussing many at once, link to them whenever you'd like.

Introduce Your Points of Discussion. I don't think this requires much explanation. Here, you can write an introduction of sorts. This isn't completely necessary but it would be nice so people can know what you're talking about.

Articulating Your Points. Expand on your previously introduced points through facts, opinion, and polls/charts. You may use articles as examples of your points. You can use your own knowledge. Never be afraid to mention something. If it's completely false, someone'll tell you nicely and you can go back and edit the post.

That's it for now.

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